Fixed recirculating fume cupboard

Extract dangerous fumes when ducting is difficult

TCS 1200 FR with Sink
TCS 1200 FR with Sink

Fixed recirculating fume cupboards from TCS are designed for classrooms and prep rooms where installing ductwork is problematic eg. listed buildings. The unit recirculates air back into the laboratory via an integral fan unit and carbon filter, rather than exhausting to atmosphere. The carbon filter is suitable all standard chemicals used in GCSE and A Level curriculum work.

We can offer an annual maintenance service which includes carbon filter saturation testing and replacement supply and installation of filters as required by COSHH regulations. In a prep room environment, the carbon filter replacement would typically be more regular due to a higher level of use and exposure to concentrated chemicals over time.

All TCS educational fume cupboards are designed in accordance with CLEAPSS Guide G9 – Fume Cupboards in Schools (Revision of DfEE Building Bulletin 88) and independently tested and passed by CLEAPSS.

Key Features

  • Glazed side panels for demonstrations
  • Fixed in position with levelling feet
  • Integral 25kg carbon filter
  • Protective pre-filter
  • No fumes to atmosphere
  • Integral high level lighting
  • Trespa Toplab work surface
  • Airflow control panel
  • RCD protected double socket outlet
  • Vertically sliding toughened glass sash
  • Remote operated gas and water outlets
  • Dimensions – 1000mm wide x 715mm deep x 2070mm high (also available with 1200mm and 1500mm width)
  • Nominal air flow of 0.4m/s face velocity at a 400mm opening
  • Voltage – 240V/1 ph/50Hz

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