Vision & values

We're on a mission to keep people and product safe, by engineering the best controlled environments.

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Since bringing together Envair and TCS to form Envair Technology, we've been focused on a single vision - to become the leading global clean air and containment company.

And when we considered the strengths that each brand brings to our clients and colleagues, we realised that we approach business with the same core beliefs. With help from every member of the team, we articulated our values as our "Airways."

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We really care about what we do and are passionate about delivering quality; in our products and our service. It means we do things properly and deliver what we promise, always seeing things through to completion.

"I am interested in the industry we supply, make time to further my knowledge and improve our products. I enjoy pushing our products through to completion, liaising with different departments along the way."


We strive for continuous profitable growth. We do this by keeping focused on priorities, look for the edge over competitors and never turn down a challenge.

"There is a common ambitious thread running through us all from the directors to the staff. We want to see growth both in terms of revenue and our reputation for being the best."


Nurturing is about a culture of supporting and encouraging each other and looking after our customers. People matter in our business and we invest in their development and wellbeing.

"I try my best to help people wherever I possibly can, even if that means pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I also try and help customers I speak to as much as possible."


Two brains are better than one, and we’ll only achieve our aims by working together, co-operating and sharing. We leave our egos at the door and act as one team.

"We are able to design, manufacture and dispatch in such a short lead time. We are able to do this by working as a team and helping each other along the way."


All of us, whatever our role in the business, continually ask ‘why?’ and challenge whether there’s a better way to do things. We take calculated risks and learn from mistakes. Our mindset is about exploring the new and searching for solutions.

"I was given creative freedom to make the choices I wanted, with advice and help from the team. There were some mistakes along the way but I learned lessons from them, and can say that they have improved my work since."

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