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For lab technicians in high schools and colleges who are responsible for preparing chemistry labs for practical experiments, student safety is paramount. For older pupils sitting GCSE and A Level exams, the curriculum demands the completion of increasingly hazardous studies, from creating reactions that give off sulphur dioxide to preparing ethyl ethanoate and purifying by distillation.

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Exam boards and health & safety regulations stipulate the use of fume cupboards for many educational experiments, to extract potentially dangerous fumes. Within schools, most specifications require a ducted or filtered fume cupboard, which may be mobile or fixed in place.

Our wide range of educational fume cupboards have been designed with the specific needs of teachers and students in mind:

  • Visibility to three or four sides, ideal for class demonstrations
  • Robust toughened glass sashes, manufactured to withstand heavy use
  • Designed to be used with a large range of chemicals, without the need for replacement filters
  • Mobile options which can be manoeuvred between classrooms and fit between narrow doorways
  • Option to include a full PVC extraction system including fan unit

We also understand that with school budgets under pressure, delivering cost effective solutions that remain fully compliant will always be an important consideration.

Working in partnership with procurement managers and main contractors, we can assure not just safety standards but energy efficient and sustainable designs too, including compliance with CLEAPSS Guide G9 – Fume Cupboards in Schools (Revision of DfEE Building Bulletin 88), BS EN 14175, BREEAM (ENE11 & HEA17) and Good Practice Guide 320 – Energy Efficient Design and Operation of Fume Cupboards.

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