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How ONFAB, Envair and TCS have joined forces to become the first choice pharmaceutical solutions provider

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Envair Technology offers the widest portfolio of clean air and containment solutions that facilitate drug development and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical sector.

From hospital pharmacies making up personalised oncology treatments, development laboratories pioneering new gene therapies or contract manufacturers tasked with producing medicines containing high potent APIs, our range of isolators, safety cabinets and fume cupboards will deliver the clean air environment you need.

A history of innovation

Envair Technology was formed in 2018 after the acquisition of Envair and then TCS by ONFAB. All three brands have long standing reputations for excellence in their respective fields, and the combined strength of the group further enhances our ability to meet client needs. With double digit sales growth in the last year, clients including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, the NHS and Oxford University continue to put their trust in us.

Our 120+ strong workforce is largely drawn from the North West of England, where skills and expertise in pharmaceuticals and manufacturing are in strong supply. This allows us to focus on quality and innovation; we are certified to ISO 9001 standards and have won several awards including being one of the Design Council's Millenium Products. We are also included on the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) manufacturer database which recognises our commitment to sustainability.

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Always taking pride

We use our company values, known as our Airways, to guide us towards our vision of becoming the leading global clean air and containment company. Above any other characteristic, our colleagues told us they feel proud to work for us.

"I know this might sound cringey, but knowing that what we do makes a difference and helps saves lives is inspiring. I genuinely do love what we do."
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Why choose Envair Technology

  • Wide range of clean air and containment technologies, designed to drive efficiencies in your manufacturing process and protect people and product
  • Fully managed turnkey solutions available for new build or refurbishment projects to create the capacity you need
  • In house manufacturing facilities to keep control of quality standards, turnaround times and costs
  • Deep expertise in containment processes, with bespoke solutions to complex challenges
  • Directly employed field service teams, providing rapid response times for urgent repairs and regular servicing to maintain air quality

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