Supporting pathology services to deliver rapid analyses

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Research from the Royal College of Pathologists suggests that hospital labs typically run over 1 billion tests per year - an equivalent of 14 tests per person in England and Wales. This figure will have grown exponentially with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, placing huge pressure on pathology teams to ramp up testing capacity.

Even before the pandemic, demand across virtually all disciplines of pathology has been rising at an average of 10% p.a. with pathology services costing the NHS around £2.5billion each year.

We rely on pathology tests like blood tests or biopsies to investigate, diagnose, treat and prevent infections, allergies, chronic illnesses, and countless other medical conditions. And so for pathology leaders considering the equipment needed in their labs, faced with increasing demand and fragmented services, focus rests on:

  • Quality: The requirement to reduce variability in results and adopt national quality standards, helping to improve patient safety
  • Safety: For the Laboratory Technicians handling potentially dangerous pathogens and chemicals
  • Efficiency: Solutions that improve productivity per Technician and allow results to be delivered even more quickly
  • Cost: Where budgets are controlled by NHS Trusts, solutions with low up-front capital expenditure and low ongoing servicing and maintenance deliver better value

Clean air solutions for a wide variety of functions

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When your team need to conduct routine and emergency diagnostics, at speed, and remain safe and protected, we have a range of clean air cabinets to suit every requirement including:

  • Chemical analysis of the composition of body fluids including blood and urine for biochemistry
  • Screening diseases of the blood for haematology
  • Checking immunity or allergic responses to samples for immunology
  • Identification of bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause disease for microbiology
  • Histology and diagnostic cytology, often for mortuary services

Hygienic and robust mortuary solutions

In the mortuary, equipment needs to be constructed so it is safe for users and helps protect the dignity of the deceased. Our range of trolleys, trays, racking and embalming products allow for the safe handling of bodies, including bariatric, and are available in different finishes and sizes for use in small or large hygienic rooms and autopsy suites.

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