Pharmaceutical process manufacturing

We have years of experience working with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, as well as contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs), producing drugs in tablet, capsule or liquid form

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Demand for personalised medicines containing HPAPIs (High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) combined with shorter turnaround times is forcing pharmaceutical process manufacturers to develop faster, more agile ways of working. This is especially true for those with newer super-potent oncology, cardiovascular and diabetes medicines, and where a GMP compliant environment is essential.

It’s easy to forget that the people developing, manufacturing and dispensing these drugs are in danger of being exposed to harmful, sometimes deadly, chemical compounds. Yet their work is essential to the steady supply of ever more complex medicines that keep many of us healthy.

We have specialist expertise in helping CMOs and CDMOs handle HPAPIs safely within their existing non-contained manufacturing process. We design, manufacture and install isolator systems to achieve containment performance levels below 1μ/m3(OEB 5). These are bespoke to the site and each process, from weighing, mixing, milling, spray drying to packaging.

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