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From research to testing, industrial laboratories deliver scientific breakthroughs that have the power to improve all our lives.

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Whether you look after commercial or academic research and new product development through your own in-house facilities, or outsource to a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), the work undertaken in industrial laboratories is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us.

In almost all areas of research, a clean air environment is essential, whether you are exposing users to low hazard fumes or handling highly toxic substances where even micro-exposures can cause significant harm to human health. This vital work might deliver answers to some of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century - finding a cure for cancer, tackling antibiotic resistance, understanding the dangers of air pollution or reducing the environmental harms of agrichemicals and biocides. So its critical to choose equipment, whether its a fume cupboard or laminar airflow cabinet, that places operator safety at the centre of its design.

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Building world class industrial laboratories

For those working in pharmaceutical clinical research, the calibre of your laboratory equipment may not only provide the right environment to achieve reproducible and consistent results, but might be part of your proposition for winning new projects and attracting top scientific talent to your team. In these settings, working with a provider who can customise designs to meet your exact requirements can make all the difference in the creation of your own unique standards, output per technician and maintaining the clean air integrity of your workspace.

In universities, top class facilities will not only help attract students but underpin proposals to win grant funding from public bodies and charities. And where budgets are under pressure, a partner who can identify options for re-engineering units to create more workspace or allow more efficient transfers between cabinets will be invaluable.

Deep expertise in the needs of laboratory managers

We work with laboratory and facilities managers within organisations, as well as laboratory furniture or building contractors. Our experience covers new builds, upgrading existing laboratories and retrofitting around existing equipment. We are able to supply individual clean air units, fit out entire chemistry laboratories complete with extraction systems or provide turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications, from microbiological testing to quality control.

“I like that they fill in the gaps at the scoping stage. If we specify a particular fume cupboard they will ask the right questions in a very practical manner – ‘have you thought about x, y and z’ rather than the alternative which is 'here’s the quote for the fume cupboard'. You then get further down the road and you say ‘well I need x, y and z’ and then there’s an additional cost associated with it. To be honest up front and ask, rather than pick it up as a variation or change later on is quite refreshing. There are not many companies that do that.”

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Oxford University

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