Envair Technology achieves record revenues after successful integration of Envair and TCS

News | 22nd April 2024 | 3 mins read

Company targets growth under new brand and aims for 100% in-house manufacturing

Clean air and containment solutions business Envair Technology is set to post record orders of £3.75m for Q1 2024 – after a period of consolidation following the successful integration of isolator manufacturer Envair and fume cupboard producer Total Containment Solutions (TCS).

The strong start to the year has been fuelled by an increase in orders from both the NHS and pharmaceutical clients, across its product range. The business, which was brought together in 2021 under new CEO Andrew Ellison, will now see revenues reach £12m in 2024 – up 25% over its first two years.

The company plans to sunset the Envair and TCS brand names and trade solely as Envair Technology going forward, which has under gone a total brand refresh.

The company plans to sunset the Envair and TCS brand names and trade solely as Envair Technology going forward which has under gone a total brand refresh 2

The creation of Envair Technology has given customers the option to sole source isolators, fume cupboards, downflow booths and other clean air systems from one single UK vendor – supported by an in house installation, service and aftermarket spares team.

With strong pipelines and demand for its products growing from both the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, the business is projecting a turnover in excess of £20m within the next 5 years.

To prepare for this growth, the company has consolidated its workforce on one site – Heywood, Greater Manchester – and increased the employment of skilled engineers. The company has also brought 90% of its fabrication and manufacturing in-house – having previously outsourced approximately 50%. This has enabled the business to reduce lead times and gain more control over its supply chain.

“What the business has been able to achieve in such a short space of time has been remarkable. By moving production on to one site, we’ve been able to reduce lead times, improve quality control and speed up R&D. This is already bearing fruit as we continue to innovate and engineer solutions for our customers.”

Andrew Ellison

CEO of Envair Technology

Andrew Ellison, CEO of Envair Technology, said: “We now have huge capacity for growth but also the capability to provide the very best aftermarket service to our customers. The customers we service are often dealing with highly potent materials, frequently involving the creation of cytotoxic treatments and the development of next generation drugs. We’re doing everything we can to enable them to do this as efficiently and safely as possible.”

During Q1 2024, Envair Technology also invested a further £100,000 into cranes and sheet metal bending press brakes, with the intention of bringing on-site manufacturing up to 100%. It also appointed a new business development manager to help fuel further growth from within the UK, and its key export markets in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Press brake 6

About Envair Technology

Envair Technology was formed following the integration of Envair Limited and Total Containment Solutions (TCS) in 2021. The business provides world class design and manufacturing expertise in clean air and containment to organisations developing or manufacturing drugs and new therapies around the world.

Working with hospitals and healthcare settings, pharmaceutical firms and R&D laboratories, the group offers a wide portfolio of products and services that protect the safety of teams handling hazardous compounds and maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

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