What's behind the growth of Envair Technology?

News | 13th July 2022 | 2 mins read

We were delighted to invite the editor of North West Business Insider, Simon Keegan to visit our factory at Heywood earlier this summer.

Via his tour, Simon learnt about how Envair Technology was formed after the acquisition of Envair by ONFAB, swiftly followed by Total Containment Solutions (TCS) joining the family. We were grateful to Simon when we then featured in the June edition of the magazine, in an article looking at the people behind the north west's most successful companies.

Envair Technology CEO Andrew Ellison explained how each of the brands had complementary product offers that allow us to provide the full suite of clean air and containment products used in pharmaceutical drug production, from R&D at the early stages, through to small volume batch production for clinical trials and ending up with drug dispensing in hospitals. With ever more potent compounds being used in pharma research, the integrity of equipment used to protect both people and product has never been more important.

25% year-on-year growth

After investment from PE investors Foresight, ONFAB enjoyed 35% growth in that first year. Andrew talked about how this gave us the platform for the acquisitions of Envair and TCS and how we've achieved 25% growth year-on-year since. Commenting on our buy and build strategy, and the challenges of merging two factories into one, he said:

It's about making sure people buy into the strategy, into the philosophy. We've set values for the business, five values that we live by. I am currently working on a five year plan that will get rolled out to the businesses.

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