Why bespoke fume cupboards need the best in the business

Case Study | 17th May 2022 | 2 mins read

At Envair Technology, we're used to receiving complex User Requirement Specifications (URS) from our pharmaceutical clients who are fitting out Small Volume Continuous manufacturing facilities. These laboratories are used to support their research into the properties of compounds and ingredients.

When you're trying to protect users by containing nuisance odours, hazardous vapours or gases, our fume cupboards can be highly customised to accommodate specific chemistry experiments or processes. For example, the material that the inner chamber is constructed from can be changed according to which chemicals are going to be used including flammables and corrosives.

We are often asked to build fume cupboards that are wide and tall enough to use modular process skids (a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported.) These require a variety of incoming ANSI flanged service connections in 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy and PTFE lined carbon steel.

Process pipework for custom fume cupboards

Many of our installations have involved the supply of dual-access, walk-in fume cupboards, including ATEX rated variants, specifically designed to house and service multiple process skids.

A great partnership

Whilst Envair Technology have brought a large number of processes in-house at our new factory at Heywood, partnering with CE Bennett and Sons, a local UK based specialist in process pipework means that when we submit our design response to a URS, we can incorporate the necessary process pipework spools to ensure our equipment is fully integrated with the cleanroom or laboratory in which it is installed.

CE Bennett and Sons have supported us on various high profile pharmaceutical projects, where we've found their in depth knowledge and efficient methods of working have added great value to clients. It also helps that they're so easy to work with! Our combined expertise in laboratory and fume cupboard design and installation helps make us the first choice for clients in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Laboratory technicians at work

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