Our client, a leading provider of specialised medical care, is opening its first European healthcare facility, in the south of England in 2022.

Envair has been appointed to supply three CIVAS-Assist positive pressure isolators for the pharmacy team to prepare CIVAS and other non-toxic injectables. Our best-selling isolator range, the CIVAS-Assist is specifically designed for pharmacy routines which require aseptic handling in an EC GMP Grade A environment with a degree of operator protection.

The client has also specified Epic software for their medication workflows and chose to work with Envair because of the high degree of customisation that is possible with our isolators. In order to get the new clinic running as efficiently as possible from the start, we invited their Pharmacy Operations Manager to our factory in Lancashire to define the exact specification in an interactive workshop.

Realtime design

We began the process by getting a full understanding of the pharmacy’s process and workflow, and approached the project by designing the isolators to fit this process rather than expecting the process to have to be changed to suit any existing design.

The real fun then began with a wooden prototype of the isolators, into which we plugged the client’s computer system.

Wooden CIVAS-Assist isolator prototype

The wooden prototype of a CIVAS-Assist positive pressure isolator

Screen inside wooden prototype

The inside of the prototype simulated a real life process. © 2021 Epic Systems Corporation

Our client took us through a mocked up dispense preparation, where a hovercam was used during the compounding process.

During the course of observing and discussing the process, our engineers were able to check that we had full access to all the internal surfaces and devices through our glove sleeve system, making sure that the components of the isolator were in the right positions eg cameras and barcode scanners. Some of the refinements we were able to complete as a result of the workshop included:

  • Changes to the standard process box work surface and position of scales, in order to achieve more process box room
  • Hovercam moved to outside of the isolator to enable easier cleaning
  • Position of barcode scanner was changed so that the door could be opened and closed without impediment
  • Hanging rail was made removable, and hooks for spray bottles were added

Commenting on the process afterwards, our client noted,

“We really appreciated the chance to specify our new isolators to match our workflows seamlessly, working in partnership with Envair. I’m sure this focus on design early in the manufacturing process will have averted a few headaches down the line.”
Glove sleeve system ergonomics were fully tested

Glove sleeve system ergonomics were fully tested

The benefit of this collaborative design method is ultimately to provide the exact isolator specification that will meet the demands of a busy pharmacy, with no unexpected surprises at the point of installation. These paperless systems help reduce prescribing errors, thus enhancing patient safety.

Envair’s prototyping process isn’t just for software, but for any workflow process that needs to be integrated into the isolator eg robot arms. It can also be performed with our flexible, as well as rigid, models.

If you’d like to find out more about prototyping your next containment project, please get in touch.

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