Turbulent containment isolator (TCI)

Operator protection up to OEB 5

3 G1 PC TCI 5
3 G1 PC TCI 6
3 G1 PC TCI 5
3 G1 PC TCI 6

As demand increases for pharmaceutical manufacturers to handle more Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Oral Solid Doses (OSDs), we have introduced the Turbulent Containment Isolator to handle weighing, dispensing, milling and potent compounding routines that need high levels of operator protection.

Manufactured in the UK, the turbulent containment isolator is monitored, controlled and alarmed to provide strict internal environmental conditions within the isolator workspace, with the ability to deliver up to OEB 5 containment performance.

The isolators are designed and manufactured following cGMP and GAMP 5 guidelines, as well as following industrial equipment directives.

Key Features

  • Up to OEB 5 containment performance
  • Siemens S7 PLC control system with HMI touchscreen display
  • Automatic inflating silicone seals on main chamber and hatch doors
  • Safe change HEPA filtration
  • Choice of design and chamber layouts

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