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MS Chevron tray
MS Chevron
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MS Chevron tray
MS Chevron
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Envair offers a range of pressed or fabricated mortuary trays which can be customised to suit your requirements. All are made from stainless steel grade 304 quality for ultimate hygiene and durability, and are compatible with most cabinets and mortuary trolleys.

The MSF fabricated range can be made to any size and depth, whilst the MSP pressed range comes in a range of widths, all of which measure 2080mm in length:

  • Standard – 560mm
  • Semi-obese – 660mm
  • Obese – 750mm

The new MS Chevron range is available in two widths - 660 & 750mm. This unique design raises the deceased on the chevrons, to help drainage and keep the body raised above any fluids. The chevron design also pushes fluids to the outside of the tray to avoid blockages, whilst a slight decline in the tray leads to the drain.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel grade 304 quality
  • With or without drains and plugs
  • Under skids/runners fitted to suit your equipment
  • Round tube skids/runners under the tray tapers at the ends, to protect equipment
  • Round tube handles, kinder to user hands
  • Options of any tray size
  • Choice of tray depths

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