C-Flow vertical unidirectional (laminar) airflow cabinets

Ultra-clean, ultra-safe working environments

C flow vertical unidirectional airflow cabinets
C flow vertical unidirectional airflow cabinets

Envair's C-Flow vertical unidirectional airflow cabinets are compact bench-mounted clean air workstations delivering cost effective, high containment performance. They provide an ultra-clean working environment for a variety of applications where a high degree of operator protection is also required. Aperture protection factor (operator protection factor) is as good as or better than that for a microbiological safety cabinet to BS EN 12469:2000.

The airflow cabinets are frequently used in laboratory routines demanding both clean air and safe handling of permissible cell cultures and non pathogenic materials where compliance with the performance requirements of BS EN 12469: 2000 is required for clean air and operator protection. Also, processes involving substances subject to COSHH regulations eg high accuracy balance weighing of toxic substances.

Key Features

  • Clean and attractive polyester coated steel construction
  • 316L stainless steel work surface, dished for spillage containment
  • Very high levels of operator and product protection
  • Very high levels of protection against cross-contamination
  • Low vibration
  • Easy to operate advanced membrane control panel with relayless circuitry
  • Indicator gauges for inflow velocity and HEPA filter pressure drop
  • Easy maintenance
  • Prefilter for extended HEPA filter life

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