Half suit

FDA approved anti-static half suit

NLM 346 Halfsuit NEO
NLM 346 Halfsuit PU
NLM 346 Halfsuit NEO
NLM 346 Halfsuit PU

Our range of half suits are suitable for all pharmaceutical processing applications, enabling operators to manoeuvre more freely in the isolator and handle greater loads compared to glove sleeves alone.

The suits encompass a regulated breathing air supply which links to your in-house breathing air, ensuring safe handling of materials such as aggressive solvents, in aseptic conditions. Their ergonomic design means users have a full, comfortable range of movement with good visibility.

Key Features

  • Full FDA 21CFR approved materials used
  • Connectable to breathing air supply lines
  • Lightweight models to allow ease of movement
  • Solvent compatible models available
  • Integrated gloves and face visor
Containment Standards diagram 02

Containment standards

Flexible containment solutions to protect people and product up to OEB 6

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