John Forrester

Group Operations Director | Envair Technology

In his role as Group Operations Director, John takes care of all aspects of operations across the group, including procurement, production, installations, service and maintenance.

John joined the Envair Technology board in September 2020 and brings more than 20 years’ operational management experience to the business.

He has led a number of operational transformations within the private equity environment and has worked across the world, both setting up production facilities and engaging in third party manufacturing. John also has a diploma in Quality Management and has worked in both employed and contract capacity for many blue chip companies such as Caterpillar, GHD, Airbus, BBC and ABB.

The introduction of our team leader management structure has been just one of John’s successes since coming on board. We also plan to use him as our secret weapon at the office Christmas party, as he’s been singing in rock bands since the early 1980s!

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